Step 6: Review Prompt and Theme

Step 6 is an important check-in point. You have a definite theme, and you captured many of your story’s most important details in draft 1. Now you’re ready for feedback. Is your story specific enough? Is it vivid and clear? Does your theme shine through?

To begin Step 6, read the page below. There is no video for this step. When you are done reading, select Try It Now. Your coach will give you instructions for two different Try It activities. You will need their instructions to complete the writing exercises. 

You’ve Written a First Draft. Now What?

Go back to your prompt and theme. Make sure you have answered the prompt and stayed focused on your theme.

Don’t worry about perfection yet. You will have plenty of time to proofread and edit later. Double check your prompt. If the prompt asks you to reflect on an experience and its influence on you, be sure you’ve talked about both the experience and its effect.

Next, review your theme. Make sure your essay answers both questions: 1) What happened? and 2) Why does it matter?

Your coach responded to your first draft with comments and writing exercises, not edits. This review is about content only. Above all else, we want to know: Is anything missing? Is the theme clear? We don’t “fix” essays, and we never rewrite them for our students. 

Think carefully about how you will respond to your reader’s feedback as well. You should be prepared to graciously accept insight that helps your essay accomplish its goal, and respectfully decline comments that are not useful to you.

You are now ready to develop more content based on your prompt and theme.

This Try It activity comes in two parts. Complete Part 1, then wait for your coach to give you instructions for Part 2.

Try It (Part 1): Write Outside the Essay

Estimated time to complete this writing task: 30 minutes

Try It (Part 2): New Openings

Estimated time to complete this writing task: 30 minutes

Try It: Review Prompt and Theme

Writing Outside the Essay

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Try It: Review Prompt and Theme

New Openings

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